Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

Ever wish you could simply pull your skin smooth? Radio Frequency provides a breakthrough skin tightening treatment, that instantly contracts tissue fibres for immediate smoothing and plumping results.  Collagen fibres are also strengthened for long-term tightening.

What is a Skin Tightening Treatment?

The skin tightening treatment works to strengthen existing collagen fibres that have weakened over time due to aging and various forms of stress.  Bi-polar radio frequency energy heats the dermis and stimulates collagen synthesis, to strengthen existing collagen fibres for improvement in skin laxity, sagginess and texture.  Immediate contraction of tissue fibres results in a smoother and tighter appearance of the skin.

What areas can be treated?

Radio Frequency was initially developed to treat wrinkly/crepey skin on the neck. However, the skin tightening device has also proven to be very successful in treating the face/jawline, backs of arms (bingo wings), décolleté and back of the hands.

How long does the treatment take?

Each Skin Tightening session lasts approximately 60 minutes.  The length of treatment sessions may vary from person to person.

Is it safe?

Yes, the treatment is safe, effective and has no adverse effects.  The treatment involves a unique skin cooling mechanism along with an application cooling gel for maximum comfort.

How many treatments must I have?

We recommend a treatment course of 3-6 sessions for optimal results.

Skin Tightening for the Body

Millions of people struggle daily with weight loss, and even after they have reached their goals, most people still have issues with their body image. They find it hard to understand that even after the intense efforts of weight loss, whether through diet, exercise or surgical intervention, their bodies are still not what they would like them to be. Much of this is because of the folds of redundant skin and stretch marks as a result of stretched out skin that has lost its volume. This problem is even more severe in cases of rapid weight loss. Radio Frequency is the latest, and best technology in skin tightening, body contouring and wrinkle reduction. This treatment is also perfect for patients who have experienced a dramatic weight loss.