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Skin Conditions

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Skin Philosophy

Advanced Aesthetic Skin Clinics in Barnes, London and Kildare, Ireland
The Bodhi Retreat

A Holistic Holiday Retreat

With amazing locations around the world, luxury accommodation, and small groups, our Bodhi Retreat is a 5* haven that focuses not only on your skin health, but your mind and body too.

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Know Your Skin Better

To give your skin the best possible care, it is important that you understand your skin type, and the conditions that affect it. We identify and treat skin conditions and concerns, from acne to ageing.

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We Train Professionals

Our Founder established our training academy Advance Clinic Training & Consultancy, now Skin Philosophy, in 2006. Providing individuals with expert, private training in skincare.

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Skin Consultation

Bespoke consultation – Together we will identify your exact areas of concern and develop a personalised plan to meet your individual skincare needsOur Promise »

Skin Membership

For rejuvenated and refreshed skin all year round, you must look after it all year round. Your Membership will include treatments specifically suited to your skin. Available exclusively at Skin PhilosophySkin Membership »


Does it hurt? Will my skin be red afterwards? Your frequently asked questions PLUS some skincare myths debunkedFAQs »

Our Philosophy

Philosophy means “the love of wisdom”. For us, this means providing the best skincare expertise, to help you achieve the skin you’ve always wantedOur Philosophy »

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