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It’s Rosacea Awareness Month and we wanted to write about this upsetting condition that affects 415 million people worldwide*. There are different levels of the condition, which affects many women over 30. It makes the skin feel hot, tender, sensitive 
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Peels: How They Work and Why You Should Have One!

Peels can seem scary to the uninitiated, but once you’ve had one then believe us, you’ll be hooked. We have clients who come specifically for peels that will make their skin shed to the max, and others who want a 
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Lymphatic drainage body brush

Lymphatic system

The Lympatic System Pt 2 In Part 1, we outlined the lymphatic system: what it is, why it is and how we can make it work for us. So many beauty treatments are aimed at activating the lymphatic system so 
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skin roller at home

Skin Roller at home.. Why?

One of the most common skin concerns that we see at the clinic is dry and/or dehydrated skin. Air conditioning, frequent flying, smoking, drinking alcohol, using overly harsh products and having dry skin in the first place are some of 
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Fat Full Diet – The benefits

We know that a lot of people are feeling very self-conscious of their diet right now as their movement is restricted and cupboards full of snacks are calling. There’s a maelstrom of anxiety: about the news, about our loved ones 
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