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Body Hair

Facial Hair – You are not alone!

Nothing can make you feel more unfeminine than those thick, ugly hairs sprouting unwanted places especially on the face but remember you are not alone.

We spend thousands of pounds and painstaking hours every year dealing with this unwanted hair. But what causes women to have excess facial hair growth?

We know that PCOS is a hormonal disorder and it is a very common reason for facial hair growth, also any hormonal change such as menopause, diet and stress can all affect our hair growth.

One of the primary issues of facial hair growth is that our insulin-producing cells are creating too much insulin, causing hyperinsulinemia. When insulin is increased our ovaries then start to produce too much testosterone. Excess androgens (testosterone and other “male” hormones) cause ovarian cysts, acne and male pattern hair growth (that can also account for hair loss). The androgens are what turns the hairs on your body from vellus hair (the light, thin hair that covers your body) to terminal hair (thick, dark hair).

Women are made to feel as though hair growth isn’t normal because people don’t talk about! But in fact, it is very, very normal. Everyone has hair, some have more than others some have less, there is nothing stating what the normal amount of hair to have is. PCOS is affecting 1 in 5 women in the UK alone, probably a lot more people than you ever thought.

But what can we do about it?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for facial hair growth, but the symptoms can be managed. Below is a table of pros and cons to common hair removal methods.

ShavingThis is often quick and painless and the common misconception is that the hair will grow back thicker/darker or more hair. This is incorrect, the hairs have been cut so they no longer have a pointy tip they are blunt appearing to feel ‘thicker’ to the touch.Irritation can occur (shaving rash or nicks) and you may need to shave frequently.
BleachingLightens the hair that is there, which can make it appear less noticeable.In no way shortens or thins the hair. Can have allergic reactions to the bleach or cause irritation to the skin.
Waxing, threading and pluckingLonger-lasting effects of shaving or bleaching. Can be hair free for a number of weeks at a time depending on how fast your hair growth is.Very painful, especially if there is a larger amount of hair to deal with.
Must grow the hair to a certain length for the wax to be able to grip the hair.
ElectrolysisAn electrical current is used to destroy the hair follicle, which means a hair can’t grow back.
More effective and longer lasting results than waxing, shaving or bleaching.
Very Painful, can only do a small area at a time so would need a number of treatments. Results may take a few months.
Takes a long time.
May need top-ups in the future.
Laser Hair RemovalA laser destroys the circulation meaning a hair can never grow back in that follicle again.
Less painful than waxing and electrolysis.
The treatment is very quick.
Longer lasting results than waxing, shaving or bleaching.
May need top-ups in the future.
Will need more than one session so results take a few months.

*PLEASE NOTE – if the hormones are still being produced they will carry on stimulating hair growth, so although a hair won’t grow back in the follicle where the circulation has been killed, you do have thousands of dormant follicles all over your body, and a hormonal fluctuation can make a hair grow in one of these dormant follicles. Unfortunately, you cannot kill a hair until there is one there, therefore you need top up sessions with laser hair removal.

Although laser hair removal can seem expensive it is an investment.
Imagine being able to throw your bleach away or never having to experience getting a wax again?!

As it is hard to take the first step into laser we have asked some of our clients to give us their views on hair removal and how it has worked for them.


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