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DMK Treatments


There’s a brand called DMK that we at Skin Philosophy were so excited to launch treatments with. But then lockdown happened and put a stop to it for now – but this is a fantastic opportunity to familiarise you with the brand, what they do and what we can offer you through their products.
A Bit About DMK
Let’s be honest here: the packaging isn’t sexy. The names of the products don’t seem terribly inviting. The treatments themselves are unlike anything else out there (and we’ll just tell you now: they involve clingfilm).
But this brand has been around for decades and have a cult following because THEY WORK. They treat acne, ageing, rosacea and pigmentation and the before and afters speak for themselves.
How Do They Work?
The concept behind DMK is:
When embarking on a course of treatments (which is recommended), the products are applied in greater concentrations at each appointment, with an increasing number of steps. Each formulation is painstakingly revised to remove congestion, rebuild the acid mantle, protect from further damage and crucially, to help the skin maintain its own health at an optimal level.  
Our bodies are designed to repair themselves, despite an onslaught of free radicals, UVA and UVB rays, poor lifestyle and diet choices and incorrect skincare habits. The idea is that the products, which contain enzymes, will instigate long-term changes at a cellular level.
What is Enzyme Therapy All About?
The science is quite intricate, but in layman’s terms, enzymes are crucial in chemical reactions in the body. They regulate health and help form a natural system of antioxidants that fight free radicals (which had a corrosive effect on health).
DMK harness the power of enzymes to help flush out dead proteins and other toxins from our skin 
The Plasmatic Effect
The enzyme therapy works in harmony with the action of ‘the plasmatic effect’ (we know, the language is baffling at first, but bear with us). The enzyme masque that we apply in the treatment feels, at first, very tingly (imagine a light peel) and rapidly hardens on the skin. When we say ‘hardens’, we don’t mean in the way we are used to with clay masks, where it may be a bit trickier to smile. It really hardens, tightening the skin and making it almost impossible to even speak. It’s not an unpleasant sensation, especially as it makes the wearer relax for the 40 minutes it’s on – but it’s certainly very tight.
As the enzymes promote lymphatic drainage, the firming masque causes constriction and pulsation of blood to the capillaries close to the surface of the skin. This means that the blood is bringing oxygen and nutrients to the dermis, promoting healthier skin. ‘The plasmatic effect’ refers to the roadmap of capillaries that are briefly visible after the masque is removed, which quickly goes back down to reveal skin that has been transformed into healthy, radiant and youthful complexion (we mean it! It’s incredible to see).
DMK At Home
Whilst we are currently unable to provide these facials in the clinic, we can send you their homecare products, which we have been trialling ourselves and finding extremely effective.
The Foamy Lift is what we recommend, because it’s great for all skin types. It combines the ‘Exoderma Peel’ (this as a gel-like consistency and contains sea kelp for antioxidants and chloroxylenol as an anti-bacterial) with the ‘Foamy Lift’. This is in powder form and contains citric acid for hydration, Cinnamomum Cassia Oil for flushing the blood as described previously with the plasmatic effect and antioxidants to fight free radials.
To use, you simply mix the two together and, as you stir it, you will notice that it develops a fluffy, foamy consistency (this part is immensely satisfying). Simply apply with a brush (supplied) in upwards strokes from the base of the neck until the whole face is covered, and leave.
At first, it will tingle considerably, but for a minute or so (this is the Cinnamomum Cassial Oil). Then it will harden. It’s not the most beautifiic while it’s on – it looks a bit like paper maché and pulls at the skin. Who cares though, when the effects are so dramatic?!
To remove, we use a milky cleanser (our Skin Philosophy Gentle Cleanser is great, here) and warm water.
Annalouise Kenny has used it and found that it instantly lifted and toned her skin, providing noticeable hydration and improved radiance throughout the week.
Meanwhile Rebecca Pearson used it and, after one treatment, said that the congestion on her nose (she has oily skin) was reduced by around 70%. Over lockdown, Rebecca has suffered with far more spots and the masque instantly makes them smaller and come to the surface, even the larger cystic blemishes. Both Annalouise and Rebecca found that it helped tackle dull skin, because of the exfoliating action of the Exoderma Peel.
We’re really excited about this brand, and we think you will be too. Have a look on our website to order the masque, and feel free to send us any enquiries here.