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Oily Skin

Oily skin generally describes those people whose skin type has a sheen, as well as visibly dilated pores in the T-zone. These “sebaceous secretions” (a particularly fancy way of saying oily areas) will also be active behind the ears, at the temple, décolleté, and between the shoulder blades. If you have oily skin you may:
  • Suffer from outbreaks and congestion due to excess keratinization, excess oil
  • Have difficulty holding makeup
  • Have a sallow, tired colour with a sheen
  • Show some signs of scarring with slightly thickened and open pores
  • Suffer from pustules as well as open and closed blackheads

Oily skin can be caused by a number of issues including:

  1. Genetics: This is a pretty tricky one, but oily skin can absolutely run in the family. It could well be that the entirety of your extended clan is suffering from enlarged sebaceous glands. If the issue is genetic you will probably have clogged pores and breakouts.
  2. Overuse of skincare products: A number of our clients over-cleanse, over-exfoliate and get a little overexcited with the scrubbing brush in the hope that it will turn back the hands of time. With skincare less of the right products is always far more powerful.
  3. Seasonal changes: A rise in heat and humidity can cause your skin’s oil production to increase, so it could well be you find your skin is slightly oilier in the summer months.
  4. Medications: Some medications like birth control and hormone replacement can cause an increase in oil production.
  5. Use of incorrect products: Using the wrong products, like a toner that is designed for oily skin, when your skin is combination can cause your skin to become over-stripped of the oil it needs. This can then cause your skin to overcompensate for a lack of oil.
  6. Hormonal changes: Any major hormonal life events like puberty, pregnancy and menopause can kick your sebaceous glands into high gear and cause oily skin.
  7. Stress: When you are stressed your body releases more androgen hormones, which leads to more oil production.
  8. Use of unnecessary skin tools: Scrubbing with a wash cloth, cleansing brush, hand mitts, buff puffs or strips can not only irritate skin, but also dry it out – causing it to produce more oil to overcompensate.
  9. Sun tanning: Sun tanning triggers an injury response which causes the sebaceous glands to surge production of oil in order to protect the skin’s surface.
  10. Sugar: Sugar causes insulin levels to spike stimulating oil production in the skin

Naturally, anyone suffering from oily skin will desperately try to counteract it by purchasing products that promise to eliminate. The problem with these products is that they are incredibly harsh – eliminating the oil completely from the surface of the skin. They also destroy the Ph balance which is responsible for protecting the skin – obviously, in the long run, this can be extremely damaging to your skin.


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