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Product description

The intelligent eye system:

The EyeTite head has lifting and pulsing to drain the fluid around the eye area, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid making skin more rejuvenated. Strengthens microcirculation in the body and increase metabolism, remove facial swelling, promote deep toxin excretion, promote cell activity, relieve eye fatigue and tighten skin



EMS technology:

Bio electric current works on skin to increase the activity of normal skin cells, accelerated metabolism, drains fluid and stimulates collagen


Use every evening for 5 days or if you are sensitive around the eyes, once every 2-3 days

Cleanse your face and eyes completely. Apply Eye-tite to inner corner of eye. Drain outwards to the ears.

Use with Skin Philosophy aqua+ serum or aloe vera

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