I’d like to book a Complimentary Consultation – what can I expect? Your Complimentary Consultation will take place at our Barnes clinic. You will meet with a member of the team who to discuss your issues, and provide you with a Free In-depth Skin Analysis, using the most advanced technology to diagnosis your skin. We can measure oil, open pores, scarring, lines, pigmentation and red veins. These measurements will help us decide which skin treatments are best for you, and will then be used to compare against your results after treatment. Book your Complimentary Consultation by calling us on 0208 3929 411.
How long will my Complimentary Consultation take? Your Complimentary Consultation will take no longer than 45 minutes.
Should I do anything, before my consultation? If your skin concern is on your face, we recommend you arrive without makeup, however we do have products available, should you wish to wait until you arrive at the clinic, to remove it.
Could I have my Complimentary Consultation on the phone? No, we can only offer a Complimentary Consultation at our Barnes clinic. Call us on 0208 3929 411 to book yours today.
Is there parking at the Clinic? Yes, there is free and paid parking surrounding the Barnes clinic.
What is a Skin Membership? Our Skin Membership provides you with a bespoke, skincare routine and treatments specifically suited to your skin: Simple Skin, Maintenance Skin, or High Maintenance. Skin Membership is paid monthly, allowing you to save over £860 per year. More details can be found on our Skin Membership page.
Will I my skin be red after? Not necessarily. After most treatments you will leave the clinic glowing. Please refer to the individual treatment FAQs for further details on skin recovery and downtime.