Skinade – Does The Vitamin Drink Really Work?


The Product Skinade contains a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that aims to boost your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and a side effect of this is it improves your immune system!
The Skinade drinks contain a high amount of collagen, around 7000mg, which can be as much as 20 times the amount found in collagen tablets. When the body receives collagen, it can reduce the appearance of cellulite, heal scars, and boost elasticity.
Skinade comes in ready to drink products, which can be kept at room temperature, but are more refreshing straight from the fridge. Or you can get travel size sachets that can be mixed with half a glass of cold water. I liked the sachets as I stayed away from home a few nights during the trial and just put a few sachets in my makeup bag and took them with me.

“I was curious to see how how well this worked and I am pleasantly surprised after giving a months trial of Skinade to a lucky guinea pig”. Annalouise

Background: Sarah, eczema sufferer

As someone who has suffered with eczema since childhood and growing tired of being prescribed different creams and ointments that haven’t seemed to stop flare ups- only soothe them. I was willing to try something completely different to treat the condition.

I was using a prescribed steroid cream to stop the itching and a rich emollient cream to moisturise and sooth the skin. However, I think my skin developed a resilience to these types of creams as, even with continued use, the condition would flare up, especially on my legs and even on my eye when exposed to certain allergens.

I had never even considered treating the eczema from the inside, but after Annalouise gave me a 30-day trial of Skinade, I thought well it can’t make the condition worse

The Trial

For 30 days, I drank a bottle of Skinade every morning with breakfast. Skinade advises not to drink caffeine an hour before or after taking the drink, so I avoided coffee with breakfast.

On the first day, I found the taste a bit strange to begin with and it took some getting used to although I could taste the fruity flavours and found it easy enough to drink. However, as I got used to the taste I started to enjoy drinking Skinade and found it refreshing and tasty.
During the first week, I started noticing that I didn’t have tired dull looking skin, and my eye felt less irritated and itchy when exposed to allergens like dust and pet hair.
By the second week I had noticed the eczema on my legs was starting to heal, looking less inflamed and red. I made sure not to change anything else in my routine so I could see if it was Skinade that was making the difference
By week four, as you will see from the pictures of my legs, the difference was pretty unbelievable. It has never been this clear before and after much cynicism I do believe in the drink
These photos were taken the night before I started the 30-day Skinade course. The skin on my legs always looks irritated, sore and feels itchy and uncomfortable.

Skinade Before







These photos were taken on the 15th day of the trial. My eczema has started to clear up and my legs looked and felt less sore.











These photos were taken on day 31, after I had completed the 30-day trial. The eczema has entirely cleared up, though you can see slight discolouration where the skin was affected. My skin looks healthier and smoother in general as well.

Skinade after












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